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•  Bangkok  •
•  Pattaya  •
•  Koh Chang •  
•  Northern Thailand •
•  North-East of Thailand (Isaan) •
•  Hong Kong  •
•  Russia. Souzdal  and Vladimir •
•  My Friends Country Cottage  •
•  Vietnam. Hanoi •
•  Vietnam. Da Lat •
•  Vietnam. Ha Long Bay  •
•  Cambodia. Angkor trees •

My name is Mark Shkolnikov. I am 80 this time. It looks like an old age but this fact does not prevent me from loving and enjoying the joy of life for the time being.
My family consists of my beloved wife Tamara and myself.
Besides, we have three children, seven grandchildren,  three great-grandsons and three great-granddaughters (in the meantime!).

Here in Photo Gallery you can look at the pictures I made while travelling. Here you can see visited countries.
Having visited it once, I fell in love with the South-East Asia, espacially with The Kingdom of Thailand and Vietnam, and since then me and my wife have been enjoying to travel there.
Those who plan a journey to travel to Thailand
or other SEA countries can find here a lot of useful links
If you have any questions mail me please.
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